American Horror Story: Cult Recap – Episode 9: Drink The Kool-Aid

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01 Nov2017
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It’s the episode American Horror Story fans have been waiting for, Queen Ally (Sarah Paulson) has finally risen to her elite status and is clapping back on all the people who have victimized her throughout the season of Cult. 

Episode 9, titled “Drink The Kool-Aid,” gave Evan Peters fans the most Evan ever as he not only played his season character Kai, but multiple other infamous cult leaders as he described their following to his current cult members. Twists and turns filled up the 9th episode with Kai making a shocking announcement, Ally getting her revenge on Ivy, and a shift is happening in the cult. There’s only 2 more episodes left of this season. What else could possibly go down?

Watch Glambergirlblog’s recap of American Horror Story: Cult, Episode 9: “Drink The Kool-Aid” in the clip below. How did you like this episode? Share your thoughts in the comments and be sure to follow GGB on social media to get all your AHS updates and commentary.

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Photo: Glambergirlblog/FX

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