Zack Morris Pimps Out His Friends To Sell Calendars In New ‘Zack Morris is Trash’

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31 Oct2017
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Zack Morris pimps out his friends for his own personal gain in the latest episode of “Zack Morris is Trash” presented by Funny or Die.

FOD breaks down the “Model Students” episode of Saved By The Bell, the 10th episode from season 2, and newly titled it “The Time Zack Morris Sold Swimsuit Photos Of Underage Girls.” In the clip Dashiell Driscoll narrates how Zack takes over the school store and revamps it with things he thinks should be sold. To really bump up sales he creates a girls of Bayside calendar featuring Kelly, Lisa, and Jessie. This turns into a modeling career for Kelly and a chance to go to Paris, of course this means sabotage for Zack.

Watch Funny or Die explain a new way how Zack Morris is trash in the clip below and check out previous “Zack Morris is Trash”clips HERE. Share your thoughts in the comments.

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Photo: Funny or Die

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