Cody Simpson & The Tide Introduce The World To Their Views In ‘Waiting For the Tide’

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31 Oct2017
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Combining airy vocals, gentle guitar rifts, booming bass and music with an environmental and ocean activism message transforms a new sound for former solo artist Cody Simpson as he joins forces with The Tide to embark on the next level of his career. Together the group gives a voice to a social issue that affects the world with their debut single “Waiting For the Tide.”

“Waiting For the Tide” is one of four tracks from the group’s EP titled Wave One. Other tracks include: “Sun Down,” “Tell Me Why,” and “Ramona.” “Waiting For the Tide” was chosen as the lead single as “an introduction into our view for the world,” the group said. Adding, “An instruction on joining us in our vision for the future, a return to primitivism. The song began as a poem that I wrote about the sea level rise and humanity’s attitude towards environmental issues,” Simpson revealed.

A music video for the single, released first on Billboard, features Simpson and The Tide in a room with a black backdrop as Simpson croons rustic vocals with impact lyrics like “Everybody’s waiting/For the moment to arrive/I will clear my vision/See the water on the rise/Though with this beginning/Will we make it out alive?/Feet are stuck in quicksand/And we’re running out of time/I’m just out here waiting for the tide.”

Watch Cody Simpson & The Tide’s music video for “Waiting For the Tide” in the clip below. Be sure to check out Cody Simpson & The Tide debut four-track EP titled Wave One now available for purchase and digital download.

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Photo: Press Here

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