Halloween Watch List: ‘Tales of Halloween’

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23 Oct2017
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Bare with me GGB readers. I know Glamberween 2017 kicked off a few days ago and I haven’t posted any new content counting down to Halloween, but that all stops today and it’s time to kick things up a notch. During this series I’ll be sharing some Halloween themed shows and films to add to your watch list for the creepy holiday. First up, “Tales of Halloween” from 2015.

This is a film that I saw before and it seems to pop up again every Halloween. If you love intertwined tales of horror then this is the film for you. It’s now streaming on Netflix and compiles ten stories all woven together by what happens to different characters on Halloween. “Tales of Halloween” is also a comedy, a dark comedy of course, so there are many comedic elements throughout the film.

The tales include a group of deranged children attacking a small Halloween get together for adults, a demon having a night out causing terror, a child who can’t eat his own trick or treating candy, a loner getting revenge for his parents death, and much more. I was into it, but this is so my genre.

Watch the trailer for “Tales of Halloween” in the clip below. If you feel so inclined after watching the trailer head over to Netflix and watch the film, then come back here and let’s chat in the comments!

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Photo: Epic Pictures

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