Kit Harington Cried Reading Through The Final Season Of ‘Game of Thrones’ – Here’s Why

Photo: Tory Max
22 Oct2017
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As if I wasn’t already emotional thinking about the finale season of Game of Thrones Kit Harington has gone and made it almost impossible to maintain some level of composure knowing he has such a strong reaction after reading the final season.

Harington was a guest on Tory Max to promote his new BBC One mini-series Gunpowder, which he created, produced, and starred in, but of course the conversation went to GOT and his character Jon Snow. The hosts and the 30-year-old chatted about his mini-series and past episodes of Thrones, then the conversation went to the upcoming season. The cast recently gathered for the final read through of the show and Kit had some tears after reading.

“I’m really emotional about it,”Harington said when asked about how he feels about shooting the final season. “We had the read through last week in fact so I know everything now,” he teased. “But I cried at the end. It wasn’t anything in particular that happened I just, you have to remember 8 years of it. I think no one really cares about it more than us.” Wrong Kit just wrong! Thrones fans are hardcore and we’ll all be crying by the end too.

Watch Kit Harington talk about why he cried reading the final season of Game of Thrones, at the 12:40 mark, in the clip from Tory Max below. Share your thoughts in the comments.

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Photo: Tory Max

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  • Trandy • 4 months ago

    “You know nothing Jon Snow”… we ALL are going to cry!!!! 😩😩

    • Amber Dover • 4 months ago


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