Cinematic Trip Hop Duo BOGA Release “What Do You Say” Single and Video

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18 Oct2017
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Who would have thought a white water rafting trip could turn into a blossoming music career? That’s the story behind the Cinematic Trip Hop Duo BOGA coming together. The two bonded over not wanting to go white water rafting at all and eventually chatted about music. Both had a love for the genre, one started playing piano at the age of 3, while the other began making music after a hit and run accident. A natural relationship was born and the rest is history in the making for this Glambergirlblog Artist Spotlight.

The BOGA name in itself has an interesting back story. “The word “Boga” is the name of a noise maker made out of PVC pipe used in the Philippines in celebrations like New Year’s. The pipe is fitted with an igniter and then alcohol or paint thinner is poured in to it and ignited which causes a loud boom like a cannon. It was originally just a working title until we found something else but the more we used it the more it just felt right. We make noise and we want that noise to be heard,” the duo said about their name.

One of BOGA’s singles “What Do You Say” is making a bunch of noise telling a gripping tale of the current state of our planet. “We are past the point of no return in terms of the damage we have done to the earth. We no longer know how to have human to human interactions thanks to the internet and are at a point where seeing simple acts of kindness is like seeing a unicorn. We aren’t in a good place,” BOGA said of the song. The duo hopes the listener will think of a better way to interact with one another and show more levels of humanity.

Moving forward in their career, BOGA wants to be known as a group that makes people feel something when listening to their music. “We want to create emotional soundscapes that allow any listener to sit and connect to the inner landscape that each human has in the hopes that deeper connectivity can create positive change. In essence we want our music to be a wake up call.”

Fans of the duo can expect a full length album in the fall of 2018, but don’t worry, in between that time BOGA plans to release a bunch of material to hold fans over until the album release.

Listen BOGA’s newest single “Song For You” HERE and watch the video for “What Do You Say” below. Visit BOGA’s official website at for all information and updates on the duo. Be sure to follow them on social media @thebogastory all across the board. Share your thoughts in the comments.

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Photo: BOGA

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