Zack Morris Tricks The Gang Into Being Cruel To Slater On ‘Zack Morris is Trash’

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17 Oct2017
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Are you still on the fence if Zack Morris is in fact a decent human being? Allow Funny or Die to give you yet another example of how the character from Saved By the Bell is a horrible person in the latest “Zack Morris is Trash” segment.

In this video from season 1, episode 6 titled “Aloha Slater,” Slater’s dad might get transferred to an Army Hawaii base leaving the teen with the decision to stay at Bayside or move with his family. Zack, jealous of Slater’s achievements and Kelly’s affection for him, goes on a full rampage to get the crew to hate Slater making his decision to leave that much more easy. It’s really funny to see these Saved By the Bell episodes broken down like this because Zack kind of really was trash.

Watch the latest “Zack Morris is Trash” from Funny or Die called “The Time Zack Morris Told Everyone Slater Was Dying So He’d Move To Hawaii” in the clip below. Can you think of any other ways Zack is trash? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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Photo: Funny or Die

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