‘Funny or Die’ Proves All The Ways Zack Morris Is The Worst Character Ever

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11 Oct2017
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We all know and love Saved By The Bell character Zack Morris, played by Mark-Paul Gosselaar, to be that preppy, blond-haired California dude that all the girls went crazy for at Bayside high, but did you know that he was actually a horrible person?

That’s what Funny or Die is setting out to prove with its new segment “Zack Morris Is Trash” with the outlet’s correspondent Dashiell Driscoll giving voice over. In the clips real episodes are dissecting where it examines the reasons why Zack Morris is a really bad person.

The first segment examines season 4, episode 6 “Teen Line” where Zack uses the teen help line the school set up to meet girls, then he asks one out only to discover that she’s in a wheelchair. He then uses every situation to make her feel bad. In the other segment, “Wicked Stepbrother” from season 3, episode 13, is broken down to make Zack look like a tool. Jessie (Elizabeth Berkley) has a stepbrother who comes to move in from New York and gets into it with Zack, who lies earlier in the episode just to go to a baseball game. It’s all very funny and pretty on point.

Watch the first two ways Funny or Die proves Saved By The Bell character Zack Morris is trash in the clips below. Share your thoughts in the comments.

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Photo: Funny or Die

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