O.J. Simpson (Kenan Thompson) Goes On First Date In ‘SNL’ Sketch

Photo: NBC
08 Oct2017
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Over the weekend Wonder Woman herself aka Gal Gadot hosted Saturday Night Live with musical guest Sam Smith. Gadot channeled her DC universe character, Kendall Jenner, and more throughout the show, but there was one sketch in particular that was quite hilarious.

News that former, famed athlete O.J. Simpson was finally released from prison after receiving parole this year from his 33 year sentence made headlines this past week. Many wondered how O.J., or “The Juice,” would adjust to society today, so naturally SNL chimed in on the action. In a sketch, series regular Kenan Thompson played The Juice on a first date with an unsuspecting woman (Gadot) not knowing his true identity.

When people in the restaurant started to treat Simpson strange Gadot’s character begins to think he is a well-known celebrity. She has no idea as Simpson awkwardly tries to continue the date. It’s worth clicking play.

Watch O.J. Simpson go on his first date in the clip from Saturday Night Live below. Share your thoughts in the comments.

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Photo: NBC

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