Do You Still Believe? The Season 11 ‘The X-Files’ First Look Is Here!

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08 Oct2017
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The truth is still out there and people still believe, so that means the new season of The X-Files is upon us. Thanks to NY Comic-Con this weekend fans of the show, including me, got a first glimpse of season 11 coming in 2018.

David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson are returning yet again as their beloved FBI agent characters Mulder and Scully and it seems the new season will pick up where season 10 left off. After a 14 year gap, FOX brought back the show for what was supposed to be a limited series in 2016. The show did so well that another season was announced.

In the first look at season 11 Mulder and Scully are teaming up with old allies in an attempt to save mankind. While that is the greatest plot, I’m hoping for episodes like last season that brings strange and bizarre cases to the desks of our favorite FBI agents.

Watch the NY Comic-Con official trailer of The X-Files season 11 in the clip below. Are you excited for the new season? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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Photo: FOX

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