Isla Fisher Creates A Special PSA To Prove She’s NOT Amy Adams

Photo: ABC
06 Oct2017
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Could it be the red hair? The porcelain skin? Or the similar demeanor of actresses Isla Fisher and Amy Adams that has the world confusing the two. This is right up there with Jessica Chastain and Bryce Dallas Howard being confused with one another. Either way Fisher has had enough and has set the record straight once and for all on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Fisher stopped by to chat with Kimmel in promotion of her new children’s book “Marge in Charge” when she shared stories of how she continues to get confused with fellow actress Amy Adams. Lady Gaga went up to Fisher during a Hollywood party and congratulated her on her performance in “American Hustle.” Of course that was a role Adams played in. During another time, a lady in IKEA wanted Isla to sing a song from “Enchanted,” again another role Adams played in. To end the debate, Fisher made a PSA to prove the ways she’s not Adams or any other red-haired actress.

Watch Isla Fisher’s special PSA to the world stating that she is not Amy Adams in the clip from Jimmy Kimmel Live below. Share your thoughts in the comments.

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Photo: ABC

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