Did Kate Winslet Coach Idris Elba Through A Sex Scene For Their New Movie?

Photo: The Graham Norton Show
06 Oct2017
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Have you ever noticed that Idris Elba rarely, or if ever, has any type of love or sex scenes. Shame for us right? Thanks to an appearance on The Graham Norton Show, host Graham Norton got to the bottom of that problem and we even got a funny story out of it.

Elba and Kate Winslet have been in full swing promoting their new movie “The Mountain Between Us,” in theaters this weekend, when they stopped by to chat with Graham Norton. Chris Rock also sat on the infamous red couch for the interview segment as a guest. Norton said to Elba that he hasn’t actually done that many love scenes and asked why. The actor proceeded to say that he’s done a lot of films with guys when Rock hilariously chimed in that wasn’t an excuse.

Later in the convo Winslet explained how she had to basically coach Elba and Hany Abu-Assad, the director of “The Mountain Between Us,” on how to act and shoot a love scene. Ladies always get the job done.

Watch Kate Winslet explain how she took charge during a sex scene with Idris Elba in the clip from The Graham Norton Show below. Share your thoughts in the comments.

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Photo: The Graham Norton Show

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  • Coco • 2 months ago

    I love The Graham Norton Show. The best format and such great interviews. Also I think Idris would love my huge feet.

    • Amber Dover • 2 months ago

      Same! Celebs be so much more relaxed and funny on British talk shows. And he probably would 😉

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