Channing Tatum Preps James Corden for ‘Magic Mike’ Live Show

Photo: CBS
28 Sep2017
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In case you missed it, Channing Tatum has turned his “Magic Mike” films into a live Las Vegas stage show giving women, and some men, their dreams in real life. In an effort to make the show bigger and better, Magic Mike himself is constantly looking for new talent to put in the show. Late night talk show host James Corden thinks he fits the bill.

For a segment of The Late Late Show with James CordenCorden stopped by a open audition to prove he was sexy enough to be in the show. After some convincing, Tatum agreed to take a chance on Corden and trained him for the show. Later with the name “Magic James” Corden tested out his skills in front of a live audience. How did he do?

Watch James Corden prep for the “Magic Mike” live show with Channing Tatum in the clip from The Late Late Show with James Corden below. Share your thoughts in the comments.

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Photo: CBS

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