Tracee Ellis Ross Reveals Fun Facts About Herself For Vogue’s ’73 Questions’

Photo: Vogue
21 Sep2017
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Tracee Ellis Ross is known for her eccentric and bubbly personality which has been put on the forefront for the world to enjoy for Vogue’s latest ‘73 Questions‘ segment.

If you’re not familiar with ’73 Questions’ it is a non traditional interview series created by Joe Sabia where an unseen cameraman follows a celeb around in a single shot asking them 73 questions in a row. Often times the celeb will get asked additional questions from someone in their path or via video.

For Tracee’s segment, the interview took place at her beautiful LA home as she showed off where she kept her Golden Globe and revealed if she still hangs with her Girlfriends cast, what ingredient she uses the most in food, who she’d want a love scene with, her alter ego characters, and so much more. Evan Ross and Ashlee Simpson Ross also made a cameo.

Watch Tracee Ellis Ross answer fun questions about her life in the always entertaining ’73 Questions’ segment from Vogue in the clip below. Share your thoughts in the comments.

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Photo: Vogue

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