Sarah Paulson Gets Scared Three Times During Stop By ‘Ellen’

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19 Sep2017
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Sarah Paulson, aka the princess of American Horror Storyof course Jessica Lange is the queen, is known for playing a variety of characters on the Ryan Murphy anthology series but the fans have always adored the iconic way Paulson screams and cries no matter what role she takes on.

In the current and seventh season of AHS, Cult, Paulson plays a character named Ally who is actually dealing with many phobias; one at the forefront is her fear of clowns. During her stop by The Ellen ShowEllen DeGeneres out did herself in the scare department first scaring Paulson in her dressing room.

After playing the clip for the audience, DeGeneres then went on the scare the actress with a creeping man dressed as a witch I’m assuming. The final scare came when a clown popped out the wooden desk forcing Sarah to the floor in screams. It was hilarious.

Watch Sarah Paulson get scared not once, twice, but three times on Ellen in the clip below. Be sure to tune into American Horror Story: Cult tonight at 10pm on FX and join me on Twitter as well for live tweets.

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Photo: EllenTube

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