Apple Announces iPhone X and Loyal Buyers Have Mixed Feelings

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13 Sep2017
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“More than a decade our intention has been to create an iPhone that is all display. A physical object that disappears into the experience,” an eerie voice said during the opening moments of the new promo announcing the anticipated Apple iPhone X.

The newly designed iPhone will not only get rid of the “home” button that’s been with the design since its launch, but it will be basically a full glass phone. I can practically hear the iPhones shattering as I type this.

Along with that feature the Face ID is another huge selling point. Since there is no “home” button there will be no Touch ID option. Instead somehow the phone will recognize your face upon unlocking making the beauty gurus shook. A portrait mode will be added to create the perfect selfie along with specific lighting for that feature.

Animoji turns you into an animal emoji and an improved camera is also among the many updates. Don’t fret regular iPhones users. A new IOS software will also be released.

So how much will the iPhone X run you? Starting price for a 5.8 inch starts at $999 and goes up. Welp…looks like I’ll have an iPhone 6S for life!

The price has everyone either counting their coins now or only buying the phone if airplane mode literally takes them on a flight. Pre-orders starts October 27th for a November 3rd drop.

Watch the iPhone X announcement and check out all the new features in the clip below. Will you be splurging on the new iPhone? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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Photo: Apple

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