‘American Horror Story: Cult’ ‘Election Night’ Recap + Season Preview

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06 Sep2017
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The anticipated premiere of American Horror Story season 7 rose to a trending topic on social media upon the release on Tuesday, September 5th. A new day didn’t stop fans from tuning in and being completely wrapped up in the new theme, Cult. 

American Horror Story: Cult episode 1 picked up on election night 2016, and was titled as such. It showed the reaction of the main characters receiving the news and how the state of Michigan slowly began to unravel because of it. As promised, I will be doing weekly recaps about the show and it starts today!

Watch my recap of American Horror Story: Cult and be sure to come back to GGB every week for new recaps. Also check out a preview for the next episode of AHS: Cult and a look at what’s to come in the season in the clips below. Share your thoughts in the comments.

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Photo: Glambergirlblog

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