Joseph Sikora Talks Tommy’s ‘Power’ Season 4 Journey + Teases Finale

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01 Sep2017
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Season 4 has been a wild roller coaster for Joseph Sikora‘s beloved character Tommy Egan from the hit Starz series PowerOn the premiere episode earlier this summer Tommy was at the top of his game with a prospering drug cartel, a new love interest (La La Anthony’s LaKeisha), and the huge responsibility of caring for the family of his wrongly incarcerated friend James ‘Ghost’ St. Patrick (Omari Hardwick).

Mid season things started to fall apart for Tommy as his organization secretly started to turn against him, his truth of Holly’s (Lucy Walters) death came back to disrupt current relationships, and the news of his father’s identity causing a serious riff with his mother Kate (Patricia Kalember).

As fans wait on the edge of their seats for the climatic finale come this Sunday, September 3rd, they are wondering how the show will wrap the 4th season and, with disturbing images floating around the internet, will Tommy make it through or be added to the shocking body count on the show.

Omari Hardwick and Joseph Sikore in 'Power' season 4 finale/ Photo: Starz

Omari Hardwick and Joseph Sikora in ‘Power’ season 4 finale/ Photo: Starz

I got to chat with Joseph before the final episode of the season airs and we talked about Tommy’s low point, seeking forgiveness, and what to expect in the “You Can’t Fix This” episode.

“I think that Tommy is at a point where, out of desperation and kind of loneliness. He’s grasping at straws for help. He doesn’t have any, as far as he’s concerned, he doesn’t have a support system,” Sikora said adding that his character is a bit too proud to ask for help even though he really needs it.

Naturi Naughton and Joseph Sikora in Power season 4/ Photo: Starz

Naturi Naughton and Joseph Sikora in Power season 4/ Photo: Starz

Another thing Tommy needs in a sense is some sort of atonement for the shocking death he committed back in season 3 of his girlfriend Holly, who he didn’t know was pregnant at the time. He seeks atonement is subtle ways by confessing to Tasha receiving a glimmer of understanding from her and by killing Holly’s uncle on his return trip to New York from Chicago, but is true forgiveness in Tommy’s future?

“I don’t know if Tommy is going to ever forgive himself. I think that Tommy has been made aware that he’s his own worst enemy. I think there’s an old expression ‘when we know better we do better’ and I think Tommy finally knows better, so I think that he’ll at least do better, but he’s going to be incredibly effected by Holly’s death until he meets his own,” the actor revealed.

Relationships were built and broken this season for Tommy with a forming bond with his father Teresi (William Sadler) and shambled one with LaKeisha (Anthony), but Joseph assures the finale will wrap up some of these concepts. “As much of a surprise the finale is going to be for people in terms of alliances and what is going to go down in the action of the story I think it’s all going to be done up very well and it will also make sense.”

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Photo: Starz

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