Adam Scott Is The Stepdad To The Antichrist In Netflix’s “Little Evil”

Photo: Netflix
22 Aug2017
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In Netflix’s new original film Gary (Adam Scott) and Samantha (Evangeline Lilly) appear to be your regular loving newlyweds, but with one little problem. Well for Gary anyway. He’s the stepfather to the antichrist.

From the director (Eli Craig) of “Tucker and Dale vs. Evil,” “Little Evil” stars Scott coming to grips that Lucas (Owen Atlas) could really be evil incarnate in the horror comedy coming to the streaming service next month. The trailer for the film shows how naive Samantha is to her son’s evil ways and even comically encourages his demonic behavior. Gary teams up with his trusted lady pal Al (Bridget Everett) to find a way to “handle” Lucas once and for all, but not before the child completely terrorizes the town.

“Little Evil” comes to Netflix September 1.

Watch the trailer for “Little Evil” in the clip below. Will you be checking out this movie Labor Day weekend? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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Photo: Netflix

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