‘La La Land’ In Concert May Be Better Than The Actual Film – Find Out Why

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18 Aug2017
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It’s no secret that I have been utter obsessed with the award-winning film “La La Land” way before it came just from the previews. When I finally got to the theaters to see it I was completely in love not only with the love story, but for the creative types who struggle trying to achieve their dreams.

The film in itself has had its fair share of controversy though. Many people felt offended that a movie with a backdrop heavy with jazz music starred a white male lead (Ryan Gosling as Sebastian) who was hell bent on “saving” the genre. There was also the infamous 2017 Academy Awards Best Picture envelopegate incident where the film was announced and celebrated as earning the top honor of the evening when in reality “Moonlight” won.

Outside of all the drama I will forever defend “La La Land” for being a film for the dreamers. For me I saw outside of the main elements of love and jazz music, but struggling for your dreams, feeling like giving up when you’ve been trying for so long, settling for a paycheck that compromises what you really want, and getting that one moment that can change it all. I battled going to see the film in concert because at this point I’ve seen it a bunch of times, I own a digital copy, and I purchased the soundtrack. What else could I get out of this film right? Obviously experiencing it live and it was amazing.

On Thursday, August 17th at the Mann Center in Philadelphia fans of the movie musical and those who never saw it before experienced the film with some help from The Chamber Orchestra of Philadelphia led by George Stelluto who brought the film’s music to new levels.

The event began with an overture of the soundtrack jumping right into the first song of the film “Another Day of Sun.” The orchestra started off slow to be honest. I sat pretty close to the orchestra and I felt the music wasn’t loud enough. By the time “Someone in the Crowd” came on, the second song in the film roughly 10 minutes in, it seemed the orchestra members found a comfortable groove playing along with the film.

Photo:Dale Robinette/Summit

Photo:Dale Robinette/Summit

During “A Lovely Night” the orchestra was off by a hair. I’m a loser and know this because I know how the choreography hits certain marks in the song. It was off. Intermission came right after the “Planetarium” section.

When the show resumed I think they brought the volume with them and not always in a good way. The horns boomed pleasantly during the “Summer Montage/Madeline” score and I even found a new respect for John Legend’s isolated vocals during “Start a Fire.” It was during a pivotal point in the film when Mia (Emma Stone) and Sebastian (Gosling) were having an argument about Seb settling in his career when the “Boise” score was EXTREMELY loud. I only knew the dialogue because again I know the film, but it was very distracting.

I’m very proud that my tears didn’t start to flow until the very end of this film, yes it gets me that emotional. It was the moment where Mia cries to Seb about wanting to give up after struggling for 6 years in her career and he basically told her to get her shit together because she had an important audition he was taking her to the next day. Of course “Audition (The Fools Who Dream)” was executed perfectly as well as the climatic “Epilogue” end. The Chamber Orchestra of Philadelphia played through the credits and received a standing ovation from the crowd. The night was a pleasant remember of how awesome the film truly is and the way music can bring all walks of life together.

If you loved this film and want to experience it in a new way I would definitely recommend you go check this event out if the tour comes to a city near you.

Would you see “La La Land” live? What other films with an amazing soundtrack would you want to see live? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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