Why You Should Watch…’Room 104′ [TRAILER]

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16 Aug2017
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It’s “Why You Should Watch…” Wednesday over on my YouTube channel as part of my #VEDA challenge and I give the scoop on why you should check out HBO’s new series Room 104. Side note: should I keep the “Why You Should Watch…” segment around after VEDA is over? I kind of like these. Let me know.

Now back to the topic at hand, The Duplass brothers, Jay Duplass and Mark Duplass, have teamed up yet again for a new anthology series on the cable network that explores a variety of genres and characters. The official synopsis reads, “Set in a single room of an average American hotel, telling a different story of the assorted guests who pass through.”

Even the trailers don’t give much detail about the show, so after watching for myself I decided it’s a perfect blend of a modern Twilight Zone mixed with Creepshow and a dash of Tales from the Darkside. All shows/movies I absolutely love so this show is a win for me.

Room 104 premiered back on July 28th and will run through mid October. It comes on Friday nights at 11:30 on HBO and already released three episodes. Although the show is slated as comedy it has horror, drama, and mystery aspects to it. So if any of these themes interest you this show will be a hit for you as well.

Watch the trailer for Room 104 and my VEDA video on why you should watch this series in the clips below. Share your thoughts in the comments.

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Photo: HBO

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