The Sense8 Family Thanks The Fans In #HappyBirthdaySense8 Video

Photo: Netflix
09 Aug2017
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Yes Sensates Sense8 is back and yes the cast and crew of the Netflix original show is grateful for all the fan support, so much so that they created a special video for #HappyBirthdaySense8 to show exactly of much!

In the video Lana Wachowski talked about the show getting cancelled on what the fans did to get it back. She also talked about the impact of the show and why it was important. Cast members like: Doona Bae (Sun), Jamie Clayton (Nomi),Tina Desai (Kala), Tuppence Middleton (Riley), Max Riemelt (Wolfgang), and pretty much everybody, even Whispers, chimed in on being happy the show gets a finale season and more. I’m not crying, you’re crying!

Watch Lana Wachowski along with the cast and crew of Sense8 thank the fans for bringing the show back in the touching video below. Share your thoughts in the comments. Be sure to also watch my VEDA video on why you should check out the show.

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Photo: Netflix

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