Artist Spotlight: ARIA Gives You “Hope” With New Single

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07 Aug2017
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With a voice that will haunt your dreams from its captivating notes, ARIA is back on the music scene with a self-penned single called “Hope.”

Previously ARIA released “Shot in the Dark” with much musical success. The London living, Gloucester born artist received accolades from blogs and landed a plethora of streams online. She even performed live at The Garage in London.

ARIA’s latest single “Hope” may be titled with a word that’s meant to be uplifting, but it has painful undertones. “Hope is based on the constant fear we face of losing love,” she said about the song. She added, “I feel that sometimes after falling in love, the fear of losing that love is often what can kill the relationship.” The song sends chills right up your musical spin with the personal lyrics and pitch perfect harmonies.

Later this year expect a EP from ARIA that will put her electro-pop/soul/R &B sound on full display. Listen to ARIA’s latest single “Hope” in the clip below. Share your thoughts in the comments.

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Photo: Liberty Music PR

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