Power Recap, Season 4, Episode 6 “New Man”

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31 Jul2017
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Like many episodes of STARZ’ Power shock value is something to be expected, but this episode in particular was so shocking it made the ladies of A&BConvoTV shed a few tears as we said goodbye to a day one character and also left us with many theories to ponder.

SPOILER ALERT: Ghost is back at Truth, but since Tasha made a deal with the devil he’s back working for Simon Stern. Elsewhere Dre and Cristobal plot to kill Julio, Tommy is in Chicago dealing with the Serbs, and the Slim/Kanan story arch reaches a turning point.

See what you missed on this past Sunday’s episode Power in the clip below. Be sure to catch up on the series before the new episode airs this upcoming Sunday by watching all the previous recaps. Just click ‘Glambergirlblog TV’ on the homepage. Follow A&B on Twitter and Instagram @AandBConvoTV.

Watch the season 4, episode 6 “New Man” recap of Power in the clip below. Be sure to tell us your favorite parts in the comments.

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Photo: A&BConvoTV

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