What Is VEDA and Why Should Vloggers Participate?

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30 Jul2017
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Faithful GGB readers it’s time to shake some things up for August.

As you may know GGB has gone onto the digital space of creating a web series. Along with B Wilson, we create weekly videos discussing pop culture things. B brought it to my attention that I should participate in VEDA for the month of August. What is VEDA you ask? It stands for ‘Vlog everyday in August.’ The task is simple enough, vlog – video blog- everyday and upload the video to whatever video sharing platform of your choosing. Mines will be YouTube of course.

VEDA kicks off Tuesday, August 1 and I’m committed to staying on task and uploading a brand new video EVERYday on top of the weekly A&BConvoTV episodes. August is about to be LIT!

Curious to know what my first video will be about? Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel HERE to check out all the new creative content throughout the month.

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Photo: Glambergirlblog

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