Artist Spotlight: Toy Connor Set To Release Debut EP ‘They Don’t Even Know’

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27 Jul2017
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Music has always been a passion for singer Toy Connor. It took an adjacent path to get to where she wanted, but when you’re destined for certain things you always get back on the path you’re suppose to be on. You may have heard some of Toy’s previous music on The Real World, Bad Girls Club and Love Games, but it was one chance meeting that changed everything.

Toy Connor has been deemed “the next big thing” in music when she captured the attention of Motown legend Berry Gordy. “He is such a great guy. Obviously very smart, brilliant. He gives me really great advice. Working with him was really epic,” Connor said about Gordy exclusively to GGB. Connor started in the industry via acting and it was a total accident. She would be at castings with her aunt and the casting directors often asked if she wanted to audition. Toy gravitated towards it and then started going out for stuff and booked gigs. Through her acting she started meeting people who could help her singing.

One thing she learned along the way in her career and from Berry Gordy is to not “rush the process.” Eventually Toy landed back on the path of singing solely and aims to come out strong as an artist on her own. “I’m a singer singer, but at the same time I have to swag it out,” she laughed. Toy describes her sound as urban with her island roots, but she doesn’t classify herself as a reggae artist. “I want to do music for the world.”

Photo credit : Bobby Quillard

Photo credit : Bobby Quillard

And the world should get ready to hear Toy Connor’s debut EP “They Don’t Even Know,” set to release next month. The 5 track EP will have no collaborations because Toy felt it was important to come out solo. “It’s important for me to be able to do it on my own.” The album in itself has a special meaning for the artist. “It represents all the people who claimed they had my back or they rolling with me, but they undermined me. It’s a record for those who tried to hold me back, but I’m going to rise to what they don’t even know.”

Portions of “They Don’t Even Know” will be going to Breast Cancer research and a tour is on the horizon after the album drops. “I’m here, present. I’m an artist who’s also a creator. I want people to see me holistically as an artist.”

“They Don’t Even Know” drops on iTunes Friday, August 18th and is available for Pre-Order now. Keep up with Toy on social media @ToyConnor on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Search ‘DatRudeGyal’ on Snapchat and for all updates on Toy visit

Check out Toy Connor’s music video for “They Don’t Even Know” in the clip below. Share your thoughts in the comments.

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Photo credit : Bobby Quillard

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