Unsuspecting People Talk About 50 Cent With Him Behind Them

Photo: Jimmy Kimmel Live via ABC
15 Jul2017
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It’s the age-old concept. What would you say about a person if they weren’t around. Would your comments remain the same if they would ever find out? Jimmy Kimmel put this theory to the test in a segment for his late night talk show.

On Jimmy Kimmel Livethe TV crew went on Hollywood Boulevard to ask unsuspecting people their opinions on rapper/producer/actor/etc 50 Cent. Only thing is; 50 Cent was watching the entire time on a monitor and at a certain point he would go outside to the street and stand directly behind them. The initial question asked was if the person agreed with the rapper being called the best of all time. The answers were hilarious and the reactions when they found out 50 Cent was actually behind them was even funnier.

Watch what happens when 50 Cent stands behind people as they express their views on him in the clip from Jimmy Kimmel Live below. Share your thoughts in the comments.

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Photo: Jimmy Kimmel Live via ABC

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