Top 3 ‘The Voice’ Finalist Aliyah Moulden Talks Show Experience and What’s Next

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14 Jul2017
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Aliyah Moulden captured the hearts of millions during her time on season 12 of NBC’s The Voice. Earning a spot on the show from the blind auditions all the way to the finale, Moulden has proven herself to being a triple threat all the while maintaining a regular life as a high school student.

“Singing is something I’ve done my whole life, since I was 3,” the top 3 The Voice finalist told about sparking her interest in the music industry. As a child Aliyah would perform for her family insisting they remain seated for the entire performance. She really loved the idea of entertaining after seeing Rihanna perform on MTV when she was younger.

After telling her mom she wanted to sing her mother asked her every week to be sure she still wanted to do it. It took some convincing, but her mom signed her up for vocal lessons and when the opportunity of The Voice came up she was ready.

The Voice found me on YouTube. I had a cover posted, so they emailed my mom. I thought it was fake because I thought it was too good to be true like ‘why on Earth would The Voice contact me,’ but it was real!,” Moulden said about landing a coveted chance to be on the singing competition series. “I went in there [the audition] so nervous. I didn’t know what to sing, so I just picked random songs, all in different genres. I ended up singing five different songs in my first audition. Usually you only get to sing two songs, but I ended up singing five because they were trying to get a feel for what style I was.”

THE VOICE -- Season: 12 -- Pictured: Aliyah Moulden -- (Photo by: Paul Drinkwater/NBC)

THE VOICE — Season: 12 — Pictured: Aliyah Moulden — (Photo by: Paul Drinkwater/NBC)

Making it through rounds of auditions to land a spot in the blind auditions, Blake Shelton loved what Aliyah had to offer and offered her a slot on TeamBlake. “Blake [Shelton] was actually the nicest person I ever met in my life. I have never seen somebody with so much success be so humble,” Aliyah beamed about working with Blake adding, “He had such amazing advice. I came in thinking that he wouldn’t have that much to teach me because we sing two completely different genres of music, but then he taught me so much that I ended up singing country on the show. He taught me more than I could ever imagine. He’s like family.”

Family was a big element that helped get Aliyah through the tough competition along with a special ritual before performing in front of millions. “Before I went on stage I would pray and I would put good thoughts into the universe. I would keep saying, ‘I’m going to do good, I’ve practiced enough,’ even if I didn’t believe it I would keep saying it.” Her mom even chimed in to help her with positive enforcement. “It really works. If you say it enough times you believe it,” she said.

Overall, Aliyah was very “grateful” for the experience she had on The Voice and offers some advice for upcoming contestants when the new season starts in the fall. She advises contestants “not to hold it all in” and to find something therapeutic to use as an aid during the competition. Being grateful for the journey and appreciate each moment for what it is was also another key. “Your goal should be to become your best self.”

Coming up next for Aliyah is a starring role in an original Netflix film set to shoot this August. “The day I got off the show I met with the people from the movie. It was crazy. This happened back to back.” The team at Netflix felt she would be a good fit and she read for the role. This will be a first movie role for Aliyah and she’ll be playing a 80’s pop singer. She’s “really excited” for the role and ready to “embrace the feel of the 80’s.” She’s also writing some new songs that should be out later this year.

Follow Aliyah Moulden on social media @AliyahMoulden to stay up to date on all the projects she has coming up. Watch Aliyah’s emotional performance of “Jealous” from The Voice season 12 in the clip below. Share your thoughts in the comments.

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Photo: NBC

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