‘Power’ Actor Guyviaud Joseph aka Biscuit Talks His Infamous Character, Acting, and More!

Guyviaud Joseph and Omari Hardwick in Power season 4/Photo: Starz
03 Jul2017
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Actor on the rise Guyviaud Joseph landed a coveted role on the beloved Courtney Kemp Starz series Power with his character Biscuit appearing in this past Sunday’s episode “Things Are Going To Get Worse.”

The character of Biscuit acted alongside Omari Hardwick‘s James “Ghost” St. Patrick during a scene in lock where, you guessed it, the inmate wanted a taste of Ghost’s biscuit and things didn’t turn out so good for him trying to get at those “baby seal eyes.” [WATCH BELOW]

Before Guyviaud’s episode aired I chatted with the actor exclusively with GGB to get his response on how fans would react to his character, getting into the business, working with Omari and more.

Originally from New Jersey, the Penn State University grad majored in business but gravitated towards theater during his studies. While in school he appeared in theatrical productions, hosted events, and even appeared in commercials for his school. Before getting into acting full-time, Guyviaud worked in Corporate America for 5 years as an Account Executive for CBS Radio. By 2011 he decided to go for his true passion.

Joseph landed one liners and gigs in tv shows and films like: Gotham, Person of Interest, The Blacklist, Makeup x Breakup Series, Blue Bloods, “John Wick: Chapter 2,” “Snitches,” and “Touched By Grace,” but it was his audition for Power that really made the actor feel his career was shifting for the greater.

Photo: IMDb

Photo: IMDb

“I feel like after the first day my character will be memorable. Some people won’t like me,” Guyviaud joked about his character Biscuit. Fans of the show were definitely sounding off on social media about the exchange between Biscuit and Ghost and it won’t be the last time we see him. Guyviaud revealed we’ll see Biscuit reappear in episode 5 and also teased that episode is the arch of season and it takes a turn from there.

The opportunity to be on a show like Power left Joseph on an inspired high. “For actors it’s like we work so hard to get that one scene that will be like our hit, then we get it. It’s like it can really alter your life and I think that’s what’s going to happen for me with these few episodes that I’m on. It’s going to add a level of recognition and it’s like a stamp like ‘oh this guy is a real actor,'” he said.

Omari Hardwick and William Sadler were the main people Guyviaud worked alongside and he used the moment to soak up gems from the men. “Omari the man is a really down to Earth, hardworking guy. I followed his career to some degree before. I’ve seen a bunch of independent films he’s been apart of before. He’s a method actor. For the most part when we were on set he was all the way zoned into character,” he shared adding how he spent off time with the actors.

“William Sadler, he plays Teresi, he has his list of films that’s ridiculous. Me and Will kind of started to vibe and Will made it a point to bring Omari into the circle and make all of us have a dialogue about our characters. So we’d be on set and talk about our characters, the importance of every little dynamic we were doing, and how important it was to the story.”

William Sadler, Guyviaud Joseph, and Omari Hardwick (L-R)in Power season 4/ Photo: Instagram

William Sadler, Guyviaud Joseph, and Omari Hardwick (L-R)in Power season 4/ Photo: Instagram

Guyviaud continued, “During the break we would then talk about our careers, career goals, the industry, and how we got this far. We talked about the impact on family even to hear Omari’s story. I didn’t know he had that much going on, even the fact that he didn’t have a manager until I believe “Gridiron Gang.” He was doing so many movies and he didn’t have representation, he was doing it himself. In my opinion to get very far you must have a certain level of work ethic.”

Moving forward, Guyviaud Joseph has some projects in the works and offers some advice for aspiring actors or actors stuck in that limbo state. “I think it’s two things that are really important, or that I’ve found are really important. First thing is creating your own work,” he shared. “I created a short film called “P.O.V Perception of Violence” and we shot it last year. We submitted it for a bunch of film festivals and we just got in from Cannes Film Festival. There’s so many layers to making your own work. When you make your own work you’re not just stressing over one gig, one single audition. You’re like I don’t care about this audition because I have ten other things. That freedom makes it so powerful for any job. If you walk into the job and you’re like do I need this job it’s like something’s wrong, but if you walk in like ‘listen I’m too busy to even do your job but I’ll consider it.'”

It’s also important to continue to educate yourself Guyviaud pointed out. “The second point is to learn the craft and get educated. Take classes with someone notable, do your research. Taking classes helps you to learn the craft and you understand it from a perspective of people who’ve been doing it for years. It’s one thing to learn on the spot and learn from doing, but to be able to have that person that’s an expert, you’re able to apply it and you get to network with people and be educated in your industry. Being educated in your industry is so important to move forward.”

Keep up with Guyviaud Joseph on social media by following him on Instagram and Twitter @Gmugs and search his name on Facebook. Did you see Biscuit in action? Share your thoughts and reactions from Power season 4, episode 2 in the comments below.

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Photo: Starz

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    Congratulations Guyviaud(Graveyard) …I love the show Power…Looking forward to seeing you more often…Continue to pursue your dreams…😉

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