Liz Gillies Talks Her Role As Fallon Carrington In The CW’s ‘Dynasty’ Plus Are We More Closer To A Victorious Reunion Special Than We Thought

Photo: Zach Sang YouTube
30 Jun2017
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Back at it again like a pair of fresh Vans, Liz Gillies and Zach Sang are bringing more interview gold when the actress and the radio show host got together recently for a new chat.

Gillies, star on the new The CW series Dynasty, premiering on October 11th at 9pm after Riverdale, shared some real gems about the new character she will be playing that will take the Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll actress to Atlanta for up to 9 months to shoot. The 23-year-old also got Victorious fans buzzing with the news that they are closer than ever for a reunion special to give the show a real finale.

Matt Bennett, also a former cast member of the Nickelodeon show, was there as Gillies’ “service human” for comfort and joined in on the convo. “Boy I sure hope so. The talk always seems to come back around” Bennett said. Gillies chimed in with, “I’ll just be the one to just say the thing, it’s looking better than it has in a while.” Ariana Grande seems to be the big factor in getting the project moving scheduling wise, but everyone, including the creator Dan Schneider, is on board.

Elsewhere in the interview Liz talks about her two love interests in Dynasty, living up to the remake of the classic, top 40 music, and more!

Watch Liz Gillies talk about her new role as Fallon Carrington on Dynasty, a Victorious reunion, and more in the clip from Zach Sang below. Share your thoughts in the comments.

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Photo: Zach Sang YouTube

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