Be Careful What You Wish For: Things Get Really Scary In “Wish Upon” Trailer

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25 Jun2017
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From the director of Annabelle, John R. Leonetti is bringing horror to something that’s supposed to be the sweetest thing in the world, wishing.

Joey King stars as Claire in “Wish Upon,” a film scheduled to premiere next month. Claire is your regular run of the mill teen dealing with being an awkward, unpopular high schooler wanting more. She finds an antique looking case that grants seven wishes whatever it may be. Seems like the perfect situation right? Claire begins to make seven wishes that makes her rich and popular only to discover for every wish granted someone she knows must die. In the trailer, we see all the aftermath unfold and I’m so on board with this film!

“Wish Upon” premieres July 14, 2017.

Watch the trailer for “Wish Upon” starring Joey King in the clip below. Share your thoughts in the comments.

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Photo: Broad Green Pictures

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