Rotimi Explains How Dre Becomes Ghost 2.0 In Season 4 Of ‘Power’

Photo: Rotimi as Dre in Power season 4/Photo: Courtesy of STARZ
24 Jun2017
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Rotimi can easily be named the breakout star of Power season 4. With more scenes under his belt and a more intricate role in the progressing story line of the Courtney Kemp show, Rotimi has brought his A game in what is being described as an emotional season.

We first met the character Rotimi plays, Dre, in season 2 episode 1. He’s the street hustler brought into the inner Ghost and Tommy (Omari Hardwick and Joseph Sikora) circle by a conniving secret enemy Kanan (50 Cent), hell bent on getting revenge on his former partners in the drug game. As seasons passed Dre’s true intentions became foggier and foggier only to be put on full display in the upcoming season premiering this Sunday, June 25th. GGB spoke with Rotimi in New York City early this month to see where his character will go this season and where Dre’s loyalties really lie.

“Dre’s only loyalty is to his daughter and he’s a survivor. He feels he’s just as smart as Ghost and Kanan. The way it’s written is like [he’s] a mixture of both really. As the season goes on he’s still trying to figure out how to do this, how to run this, what loyalties to build, but he ultimately just wants to be the man at the top of the hill and he’s willing to do anything for that,” Rotimi said.

Also being musically inclined outside of acting, his new single “NOBODY” recently dropped, the actor/singer gave his character Dre the theme soundtrack of his mentor and co-star 50 Cent’s album ‘Get Rich Or Die Tryin’. “That would be his story for sure because he’s just now coming into his own and you know “Many Men” trying to wish death upon him this season, so it’s kind of like a dope little soundtrack for him.”

Rotimi as Dre in Power season 4/Photo: Courtesy of STARZ

Rotimi as Dre in Power season 4/Photo: Courtesy of STARZ

With ambitions to be a Ghost 2.0, Dre is trying to manipulate his way to the top at both Truth nightclub and in the drug organization, the latter could cause more troubles than planned. “There’s an episode between me and Joe that’s fire. There’s a scene where we both go there it’s really intense. Usually when they say cut I kind of shake it off and move to the next thing but I was still really in my feelings about it and that’s when I knew, OK one I’m growing as an actor, but also two like you really went there.”

Rotimi really goes there as an actor this season and credits his cast mates for forcing him to level up. “It’s cool because being a young actor for me this season is kind of art imitating life where the Dre character now he’s the man in the club or he’s learning more about himself. People have actually invested in him. But also me as an actor now so much is asked of me to bring it everyday and this is a show that you can’t bullshit at all. Everybody is excellent as an actress and actor so it’s like what’s he going to do next and what am I going to do next so it’s kind of like a cool experience. The writing is crazy man and y’all see going further in the season.”

There’s one thing in particular Rotimi wants fans of the show to look out for, but only gave a tease as to what that is. “I want to see how people react to what they know about Dre this season. That reaction by the end, what they feel about him. I’m really intrigued to see that because he does a lot of things.”

Catch the season 4 premiere of Power on Sunday, June 25, starting at 12:01 am on the STARZ app and On Demand. The network premiere is scheduled for 9pm ET. Also check out myself and B Wilson dissect each episode on a special taping of A&Bconversation premiering every Monday following the new episodes.

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Photo: Courtesy of STARZ

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