Naturi Naughton Sheds Light On Why Season 4 Of ‘Power’ Is The Most “Emotional, Draining, and Passionate” Season

Naturi Naughton as Tasha St. Patrick in Power season 4/Photo: Courtesy of STARZ
23 Jun2017
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Ride or die chick Tasha St. Patrick from the Courtney Kemp hit series Power is the definition of all the glory being a woman means. She’s the backbone of her family, a constant confidant to her estranged husband, and a devoted friend, all the while maintaining a flawless demeanor and presence that rivals any on-screen dramatic character. Played by the talented and beautiful Naturi Naughton, Tasha has always been the TV protagonist fans have been rooting for since day 1.

Tasha has always been the glue holding her family together, but with a husband (Omari Hardwick) in lock up for murder, a teen son running a muck (Michael Rainey Jr.), and her “picture perfect” life unraveling, the once always kept together Mrs. St. Patrick is slowly losing a leg up on her current situation. “I feel like this season it’s going to be a lot of death, betrayal, and trying to survive,” Naturi said during a Power press day in New York City earlier this month. She also spoke on her growth as an actress, Courtney Kemp, and her character losing control.

“I think that Tasha has to be the glue that keeps everything together. I think that most women can relate to that because in a lot of ways, to our families, to our children, to our husbands, we are the glue that keeps things together,” the actress said.

Naturi Naughton as Tasha St. Patrick in Power season 4/Photo: Courtesy of STARZ

Naturi Naughton as Tasha St. Patrick in Power season 4/Photo: Courtesy of STARZ

She added, “I think that Tasha is always fabulous. I’m in love with her style. I don’t know how she does it either. I’m in the kitchen cooking eggs and bacon in 6 inch heels and I’m like this woman is amazing because it couldn’t be me. But I do think that she has like this prestige about herself, she’s strong, she’s a mother, but I think that this is the year where you’ll to start to see some of that unravel.”

Another aspect that seems to unravel for Tasha is her relationship with her son Tariq (Rainey) who is beyond your typical rebellious teen in season 4 having fallen under the spell of the conniving Kanan/Slim (50 Cent). “As his mother I’m afraid I’m going to lose him. I really don’t know how to get him back which is why it’s so important for Tasha to have the father in the home. To have Ghost involved.”

“No matter what’s happening between Ghost and I in our loving relationship and our marriage, we still need you and I keep reiterating that throughout the seasons I’m like, you spending all this time over at Angela’s you need to be over here with your kids making sure that they don’t go astray. Now look what happened. Now Ghost is in jail, so I’m angry, I’m frustrated, but I think that Tariq is lost. Kanan is manipulating and using the fact that he’s [Tariq] not street smart to his advantage.”

Naturi Naughton as Tasha St. Patrick in Power season 4/Photo: Courtesy of STARZ

Naturi Naughton as Tasha St. Patrick in Power season 4/Photo: Courtesy of STARZ

Over the seasons of working with Courtney Kemp, Naturi has been taken full advantage of the opportunity presented to her working on a show like Power. “I’ve learned so much. I was expecting while shooting the show up until I was like 5 months. I learned so much about this character, this show, but specifically about myself. I feel stronger than I’ve ever felt, so I learned about myself as an expecting mother, as a woman, as an actress.”

Kemp, who Naughton describes as fierce, fearless, and maternal, has directly served as a leader to skyrocket the Tasha St. Patrick character and Naturi equally to new heights. “I feel like there are so many layers that I haven’t even tapped into yet that now I actually feel like this show has given me a vehicle to tap into. I can not wait for people to see this season. It’s one of the most emotional, draining, passionate seasons that I’ve ever been apart of, so as an actress I feel like I’ve become just a lot more seasoned and strong as a person.”

Catch the season 4 premiere of Power on Sunday, June 25, starting at 12:01 am on the STARZ app and On Demand. The network premiere is scheduled for 9pm ET. Also check out myself and B Wilson dissect each episode on a special taping of A&Bconversation premiering every Monday following the new episodes.

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Photo: Courtesy of STARZ

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