Joseph Sikora Battles Demons and His Place At The Top In ‘Power’ Season 4

Aleksandar Popovic, Joseph Sikora, and Rotimi (L-R) in Power season 4/Photo: Courtesy of STARZ
22 Jun2017
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No one knows loyalty quite like Joseph Sikora’s character Tommy on the hit STARZ series PowerFrom the moment we met the hot-headed, violent drug dealer with the biggest appetite from Queens in the pilot episode of the Courtney Kemp created show, Sikora’s Tommy quickly became a fan favorite leaving viewers to wonder who “The Tommy” was in their lives.

Tommy is no stranger to being on the dark side of things. He’s been “cancelling Christmas” on his enemies since season 1, he’s been picked up by the feds and incarcerated for a period of time, he lost the love of his life, and unborn child, by the deadly grasp of his own hands, and yet remained faithfully loyal to the one constant in his life; his best friend James “Ghost” St. Patrick (Omari Hardwick).

At the top of season 4 of Power, premiering this Sunday, June 25th, we find Tommy in a power position he always wanted, the head of a drug cartel with Ghost being locked up charged with murder. During a press day in New York City earlier this month, Sikora dropped gems about his character, season 4, and if Tommy being in control will get the best of him.

“I think that’s a big struggle for him and I think that because Tommy knows the levity of the situation presently that he knows that he can’t,” Sikora said about his character maintaining a level head and running a cartel. “Who does he look to for influence? Who’s the finesse master in his mind? And that’s Ghost. So he does try to figure things out but he has this innate 0 to 60 quality about him.”

Joseph Sikora as Tommy Egan and Jerry Ferrara as Joe Proctor in Power season 4/ Photo: Courtesy of STARZ

Joseph Sikora as Tommy Egan and Jerry Ferrara as Joe Proctor in Power season 4/ Photo: Courtesy of STARZ

Sikora states we’ll see the “evolution” of Tommy expounded upon in the upcoming season, but also how his past with Holly (Lucy Walters) comes crashing into his future. Is Tommy truly distraught by his mistake or is he trying to forget all about what happened to Holly? “I think I would lean towards the latter, but I think that you can’t have the struggle of the latter without the former that he is missing her that it’s true because if something isn’t true I think the audience really smells that so fast and I think that the truth is that he loved this woman and I think that this will be brought up covertly almost like subversively, things will get mentioned that will hurt him or make him think in a specific way. There’s going to be a specific point this season that he will have to deal with it in bigger ways than he had planned.”

Another big obstacle Tommy didn’t have planned is dealing with his young nephew, in a sense, Tariq St. Patrick, brilliantly played by Michael Rainey Jr., going astray. I guarantee you Tariq will be a trending topic this season because if you thought his behavior was wild in season 3 you haven’t seen anything yet. The relationship with Tommy and Tariq takes an unfortunate turn.

“Tariq had a line in this season, he has a line, and I don’t remember what episode that it is, and he says, well maybe you don’t know because you haven’t been around that much until recently Uncle Tommy. I was like what writer wrote this, what world are we living in, where does that line make any sense. Then after we shot it and I was doing some ADR for it I thought, oh Tariq is learning how to hurt people with words. Tommy hasn’t been around? He’s been around since you were born I said as much, so Tariq is learning how to hurt people with words. He’s learning who he’s deeming as enemies.”

And there’s old and new enemies arising throughout season 4. Kanan/Slim (50 Cent) is still alive, a secret the audience knows, but is still a vital piece of info our main protagonists are unaware of. “There’s this scene between Tommy and Kanan this season, I don’t think that this is a spoiler because Tommy has no idea that Kanan is alive. He thinks that he’s dead and it doesn’t come out until later in the season,” Joseph revealed. He added, “The audience knows before Tommy knows. The audience knows right now that Kanan is alive, so it will come to light to the other characters that make it out of the season 4 that Kanan is alive. I think that scene where Tommy kind of discovers that is one of my favorites.”

Catch the season 4 premiere of Power on Sunday, June 25, starting at 12:01 am on the STARZ app and On Demand. The network premiere is scheduled for 9pm ET. Also check out myself and B Wilson dissect each episode on a special taping of A&Bconversation premiering every Monday following the new episodes.

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Photo: Courtesy of STARZ

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