Power’s Lela Loren Discusses How Things Go Wrong For Ghost In Season 4

Lela Loren as Angela Valdes in Power season 4/Photo: Courtesy of Starz
21 Jun2017
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She’s the woman fans love to hate on the hit series Power only due to the fact that Lela Loren does one hell of a betrayal of A.U.S.A Angela Valdes that viewers have such a hard time deciphering Lela from her character. Deemed Angie from the block, Loren brings strength, sass, sex appeal, and slayage to the word girl boss on the Courtney Kemp’s STARZ series, making its triumphant season 4 return come this Sunday, June 25th.

Loren’s character Angela is single handily responsible for the #FreeGhost hashtag for the season 3 finale because she was the one who arrested street hustler turned mega drug kingpin turned honest business man James ‘Ghost’ St. Patrick (Omari Hardwick) for the murder of Agent Greg Knox (Andy Bean). This season on Power someone will turn (#WhoWillTurn). Could it be Angela? During a sit down with the cast in New York City a few weeks prior, Loren discussed the fate of her former lover Jamie aka Ghost.

“I think what’s exciting is the idea where the theme of the show is the road to redemption, but the question that you have to ask yourself is where that idea comes from,” Loren shared about Ghost’s current incarcerated state. “The only way he can be redeemed is to suffer for or to sort of pay for his crime, but Ghost gets incarcerated for something that he doesn’t do, so can he in fact truly be redeemed. He gets to sit there and say, no, no, no, I’m innocent, I’m innocent, but he’s not really taking responsibility for all of the body count, for all the things he’s actually guilty of. So then it’s the question, can that actually happen.”

Throughout the course of the affair turned relationship between Loren’s Angie and Hardwick’s Jamie, all she really wanted was for him to be straight with her. “I was trying to get him to live up to his promises and there would be consequences if he did not do that.” And consequences there are for Ghost now in a very compromising position that creator Courtney Kemp loves to play with in the writer’s room.

Omari Hardwick, Brandon Victor Dixon, and Lela Loren (L-R) in Power season 4/ Photo: Courtesy of STARZ

Omari Hardwick, Brandon Victor Dixon, and Lela Loren (L-R) in Power season 4/ Photo: Courtesy of STARZ

“I think she [Kemp] likes the tension between people being from opposing perspectives or opposing sides and both being right. She likes to play with irony. Power is named ironically. She likes this idea that you actually can not control and the more that you try to do the more you fall apart,” Lela spoke about Kemp’s way of keeping the show interesting.

Adding, the idea of why Ghost is such an intoxicating character. “There’s also something to be said for a story line that pretends to glamorize the higher echelon of making it. Ghost is such a seductive character. He’s sexy, he’s well dressed, he has a ton of money, and that in itself begins to turn into a nightmare because it’s been achieved by ill begotten means. As much as he tries to get out of that, he wants to move laterally. He doesn’t want to give up all his wealth. He wants to maintain all of it.”

All of the characters in the series want to maintain their status in what Lela refers to them as “scrappers” and “self-serving dicks.” Everyone has a motive that benefits them solely in the long run while trying to gain a win that will sustain them. “To try to define the success of these hustlers is a cautionary tale ’cause you look at all of them; they’re incredibly lonely, they’re manipulative, they’ve got not a lot of integrity. Every time something goes good in their life that means it’s about to go terribly wrong.”

We’ll see how everything goes wrong in this season very soon.

Catch the season 4 premiere of Power on Sunday, June 25, starting at 12:01 am on the STARZ app and On Demand. The network premiere is scheduled for 9pm ET. Also check out myself and B Wilson dissect each episode on a special taping of A&Bconversation premiering every Monday following the new episodes.

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Photo: Courtesy of STARZ

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