Omari Hardwick Weighs In On Ghost’s Redemption In ‘POWER’ Season 4

Omari Hardwick as James 'Ghost' St. Patrick/ Photo: Courtesy of Starz
20 Jun2017
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James ‘Ghost’ St. Patrick has been the wolf in sheep’s clothing for the past three seasons of creator Courtney Kemp’s beloved STARZ series Power. St. Patrick, played by the incredibly talented and equally intellectually gifted Omari Hardwick, is a man who many street hustlers can relate to. A boss getting whatever he needs for his family by any means necessary, but with ambitions to “stack shit” then “go legit,” a line executive producer and cast member 50 Cent raps in the show’s popular theme song “Big Rich Town.”

Season three ranked in 3.37 million viewers on the premiere episode making it the biggest opening night for any STARZ original to date. The numbers climbed from there sending fans into a frenzy with the many plot twists and turns throughout. When we last saw James, he had just come off a high taking out yet another threat, Dean/Milan, but landed himself in a position that devoted fans of the series did not see coming; in handcuffs that were personally slapped on by his former lady-love A.U.S.A Angela Valdes (Lela Loren) for the crime of killing Agent Greg Knox (Andy Bean).

It’s his darkest hour and the ultimate finesse master is going to need the help from others to clear his name of this crime that he didn’t commit. During a press day in New York City a few weeks prior, Omari Hardwick discussed the possibility of redemption for Ghost and playing an enemy to Loren’s Angela character.

“I would agree with you in terms of if you make an analogy, if you make both of them being dreamers, the analogy to being on the same team. They both are on the team of highest optimal person and desire,” Hardwick said about Jamie and Angela being on opposing or the same team for season four.

Now we find these characters in an interesting situation that was in the making since the beginning. “You’re kind of always sleeping with the enemy. From the gate this affair is on a different kind of complexion,” Hardwick said, adding how essentially playing three different character factor in to the dynamic of the show and the levels of art Courtney Kemp created. “We often forget to speak about this guy as three different people. I definitely feel like I’m playing around 30 different people within him, but just for argument’s sake, he’s at least three people and Courtney named him as such: James, Jamie, Ghost St. Patrick.”

Jerry Ferraraas Joe Proctor and Omari Hardwick as James 'Ghost' St. Patrick/Photo: Courtesy of Starz

Jerry Ferrara as Joe Proctor and Omari Hardwick as James ‘Ghost’ St. Patrick/Photo: Courtesy of Starz

With all these crimes catching up to Ghost he’s trying to seek some sort of redemption for his past. “He’s captured other things in life that of which the notorious Tasha and Joseph’s Tommy are cool with him having captured and he’s like, naw I can’t do that, so he’s trying to wrong those rights, they deem them right. The reality is that Ghost hasn’t really left his right shoulder or his left shoulder, it’s always sort of there.”

“Factions of these characters are in us. Factions of us are in these characters, so I think what aids in that tick tock clock of a brain [of creator Courtney Kemp] is watching us go to these different elements and then needing about two months to vacate these characters and go back to Omari, go back to Lela, go back to Naturi, go back to Joe, Lala, Rotimi, Michael Rainey, Donshea Hopkins. I mean there’s so many freaking characters.”

And the roster of characters continues to build with A-listers Anika Noni Rose and Jerry Ferrara returning along with Sung Kang, Brandon Victor Dixon, William Sadler, Larenz Tate, and the late Charlie Murphy joining as intricate parts to the narrative.

“She [Kemp] believes them all to be righteous. They are all righteous in their own way. They are all bad let a writer’s pen tell it,” the actor jokes continuing, “But what it bad is we all kind of got it in us. We can watch it from the confines of our homes in safety and go, fantastically I wouldn’t mind getting away with that, but we can’t necessarily get away with it as a viewer, but as an actor playing these people we damn near get away with murder, pun intended.”

Omari insists, “all of the characters are survivors,” but with #WhoWillTurn being the hashtag of the season will they all survive? We’ll have to tune in to find out.

Catch the season 4 premiere of Power on Sunday, June 25, starting at 12:01 am on the STARZ app and On Demand. The network premiere is scheduled for 9pm ET. Also check out myself and B Wilson dissect each episode on a special taping of A&Bconversation premiering every Monday following the new episodes.

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Photo: Courtesy of STARZ

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