Amanda Fondell Releases New EP ‘In A Talk With Nature’ + Talks Creating EP Independently

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04 Jun2017
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Swedish singer/songwriter Amanda Fondell had an interesting start to the music industry. As a teen she co-wrote songs and played covers with a close friend and eventually went on to land a coveted spot on Swedish Idol, winning the top title at the age of 16.

With a number album already under her belt, over 22 million streams, and multiple singles topping the Sweden music charts, Fondell has a new EP titled In A Talk With Nature and is ready to take over the global music charts. Glambergirlblog chatted with Amanda Fondell about releasing a new EP independently, her music sound, and more.

“I would say that my music has a very big emotional pop electro sound with some angry ruff synths and dirty drums,” Fondell said about her music style. “It has some rock influences there as well. My influences would be Kimbra, Little Dragon and She Keeps Bees.” All those influences show up in the new music Amanda released on the In A Talk With Nature EP with a special theme.

Fondell said the new EP is all about acceptance. “I’ve gone through times of feeling like the people around me want me to be someone different. I’ve also gone through times that I thought I should be someone different. This EP shows my growth not only as an artist & writer, but also as a person.” The new music also shows the change Fondell had between her debut album and her latest EP. “I’ve grown to accept who I am and stand up for what I create. It’s liberating. I connect with the idea of nature because to me, nature left untouched will flourish and develop into what it’s meant to be. It grows by itself and by how much it desires. Nature takes its own steps forward and so do I with this EP. My debut album “Because I Am” had this young flavor and young love, and “In A Talk With Nature” is about me and how I accept things.”

Photo: Press Here Publicity

Photo: Press Here Publicity

Creating this EP independently helped Amanda accept things about the music industry and taught her some new things. “For me it was a very natural step and life-changing experience to go from a major label to create my own label. I was only 16 when I was signed so I didn’t have an understanding of what people did on a label – obviously. Now I have my own people and work with those who want to work with me. I feel that i have more control and I don’t need to compromise.”

Moving forward, Amanda Fondell is all about remaining true to herself as an artist and encourages other up and comers to do the same. “Being true to yourself starts with knowing who you are and accepting who you are. You come to know yourself only by living life, finding what works for you, finding what makes you whole.”

Keep up with Amanda Fondell on social media by following her on Instagram and Facebook @AmandaFondell, on Twitter @FondellAmanda, and on Snapchat @jagska. Listen to Fondell’s new EP In A Talk With Nature on Spotify HERE and her single “Naked” below. Share your thoughts in the comments.

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Photo: Press Here Publicity

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    Amanda, is a wonderful and creative talent that deserves the spotlight. A unique artiste with something to say that needs to be heard. Can’t leave out that she is a good person on top of it all. Continued Success!
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