Fiona Grey Opens Up About New Single “Money” And The Obsession With Pop Culture

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22 May2017
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Singer-Songwriter Fiona Grey has a unique approach to tackling the pop music scene and making it one of her own combing her musical theater background with her edgy music tastes seeking inspiration from the likes of David Bowie, Blondie, No Doubt, and Madonna.

Grey, 21, grew up in a household surrounded by the arts. Both her parents were in the industry as a musician, her dad, and an actress/singer, her mom, but they wanted her to pick her own path. “They wanted anything and everything I did to be on my own. To not be pushed by them.” At the tender age of 6, Fiona Grey had already co-wrote a Grammy nominated song that was released on Disney records. Following that is a career that is evolving with each new EP and single Grey releases.

With two EP’s already under her belt, Striped Heart and Belladonna, the next is expected to be Fiona’s best. “My biggest thing is if you’re not making something better than your last work, then you are doing something completely wrong and you need to stop and refocus on what you’re doing. You should always be topping yourself because at the end of the day, especially being a musician, it’s a very solo journey of competing with yourself. If you can focus on that you’ll have so much more evolution than comparing yourself to other artists.”

And like other artists Fiona Grey is not. Something as simple as bringing in live strings for this new EP, working in a bigger studio, and channeling her love of musicals are things that push her as an artist. Grey’s latest single “Money” shows the evolution of her sound and speaks on the idea of obsession. “‘Money’ and the entire record is inspired by our almost religious obsession with pop culture,” she said, adding, ” I have this image in my mind of imaging the Kardashians as like French aristocrats and that hierarchy. Then digging deeper into our media and the way that we constantly feel this need of perception. ‘Money’ specifically was all of that as a backbone of our society and my own personal story of trying to escape myself and my vices. Which is something I think we all go through.”

Moving forward, Fiona will be enjoying the music journey she’s on and encourages other musicians to do the same. “I’m the kind of person that once I take one huge step forward I’m freaking out because I want to take another step forward, instead of saying OK girl [stop]. My best friend told me let’s list the great things that you do this month and how much you’ve learned. Taking time to pat yourself on the back I think helps your overall morale.”

Grey also stresses learning everything about your business by doing some things alone and having the right people around you. She said, “At the end of the day we all want longevity in our careers and if we don’t have the right foundation of what kind of art we want to be making and we’re constantly getting people involved to tell us what we should be making, what happens is a couple of years down the line we realize that we don’t like what we’re doing. I think it’s really important to spend that time just with yourself making decisions and trust yourself.”

Up next, Fiona Grey returns to her hometown of Chicago to perform at some festivals and get her feet wet once more in that iconic music scene. Catch her at Midsommar Festival on June 10th and Schubas (w/ Lola Marsh) on June 29th. A new single, “Savior” comes out next month too. In July, a LA show date will be announced, then Grey will be touring Europe from mid August – mid September.

Stay up-to-date on everything Fiona Grey has coming up by following her on social media (@FionaGrey on Instagram, @FionaGreyMusic on Twitter/Facebook, and @Fiona-Grey on Soundcloud). Be sure to visit for any additional info.

Listen to Fiona Grey’s latest single “Money” in the clip below. Share your thoughts in the comments.

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Photo: Anna Maria Lopez

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