Singer/Songwriter/Producer SHEARE Talks ‘Turbulence’ EP Before Release

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09 May2017
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After finishing 2016 strong with a bunch of singles and buzz around his name, Brooklyn-based Singer/Songwriter/Producer SHEARE is taking full advantage of the new year with the upcoming release of his debut EP later this week.

SHEARE, real name Brandon Sheer, got his taste of the music industry unintentionally from his older brother. When he quit playing the guitar, SHEARE saw the opportunity at age 11 to take up the music career his brother stopped at the time. Later on during a summer internship at a record label the moment came when SHEARE realized he was much more of an artist than working on the management side of things. There a star was born.

Glambergirlblogblog chatted with SHEARE all about his upcoming EP Turbulence, releasing an EP independently, advice for other artists, and more! Check out excerpts from the convo below.



On the writing process for creating Turbulence:
“I started writing the EP after the holidays. I had just released a few singles at that point that were very bright and summer-y but emotionally I wasn’t in the head space to write anything bright nor summer-y. I wrote the song “Levitate” first and it was apparent that the next few songs I were going to write all same a similar darker tone and the same subject matter.”

On the EP title Turbulence:
“I actually had that title floating around for a long time. I wasn’t quite sure how or if I was ever going to use it, but it became really obvious that it was quite fitting for the EP as it’s about going through a break up which is often a turbulent experience.”

On song he’s most excited for fans to hear:
“I think “Revolution” is going to be a nice break from the introspection that exist amongst the rest of the tracks on the EP. It’s a more upbeat, fun song….still a break-up song, but a happier feeling break up song.”

Photo: John Ellis

Photo: John Ellis

On releasing an EP independently:
“The hardest part is getting over the massive hump of music that’s being released every day. There are a ton of great artists out there who are doing this completely independent. That being said, it’s great that as independent artists we can be so self-sufficient and continue to release new music as we write it.”

On upcoming tour:
“Not so much tour, but I’m playing a bunch of shows coming up. I’m having an EP release party/show in Brooklyn at La Esquina on 5/9 and then playing the Bootleg theater in LA on 5/24 and then a few one offs when I get back here in NYC.”

On advice for aspiring artists:
“I think I always say, just keep going. When you want to give in is when you need to push through even harder.”

Stay up to date on all things SHEARE has coming up by following him on social media. Search @SheareMusic on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Search the same name on Soundcloud to hear music from the artist. Be sure to download SHEARE’s EP Turbulence out May 12th. Until then listen to some SHEARE music below.

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Photo: John Ellis

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