Ellen DeGeneres Gets To The Bottom Of Nicole Kidman’s Clapping Mishap Kidman also talks success of 'Big Little Lies'

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09 May2017
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Big Little Lies star Nicole Kidman stopped by The Ellen Show to discuss the success of the hit HBO series. “That was an amazing thing to get that made,” Kidman said further adding how Reese Witherspoon, who also starred in the show, teamed up with Kidman to executive produce the series.

Kidman played Celeste Wright, a successful former attorney who was stuck in an abusive marriage. The actress also added that she got recognized more because the show got more into the psyche of the audience. “I think I felt a sense of duty that I wanted to give truth to such a complicated story and I wanted it to be incredibly real for the audience and so I threw myself, I got lost in it. I threw myself into it to the point where I would come home at night with you know bruises and really sore.” She then mentioned her co-star, Alexander Skarsgard who played her husband, and how she didn’t tell him to hold back from getting into character.

The convo later took a more comical and shadier note when Ellen DeGeneres brought up the memes that were circulating about Nicole Kidman clapping at this year’s Oscars. “Did you know ahead of time that you clapped in a different way,” DeGeneres laughingly said. “I do not clap like that. That is a weird lens,” Kidman told the audience.

GIF: Buzzfeed

GIF: Buzzfeed

Nicole explained, “I borrowed, it’s the Cinderella thing, you borrow these expensive jewels and I’m like I must not destroy these diamonds because I have to give them back at midnight.” So that’s the reason for the clapping people. We’ll just let her have that.

Watch Nicole Kidman talk about the success of HBO’s Big Little Lies and her Oscars clapping mishap in the clip below. Share your thoughts in the comments.

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Photo: EllenTube

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