Ryan Seacrest Joins ‘LIVE with Kelly’ As New Co-Host [WATCH]

Photo: Live with Kelly & Ryan
01 May2017
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After a year-long search and countless celebrity co-hosts, Kelly Ripa has finally found a permanent, for now, co-host in pal Ryan Seacrest.

The announcement came Monday, May 1, after Ripa teased a huge announcement. Before Seacrest took the stage Ripa thanked all of her previous co-hosts and said, “Today, the next chapter of the Live story is about to be written. Today, my new co-host will officially be joining me on Live and today is a very good day.”

When Seacrest took the stage champagne was poured to celebrate the first day for the new co-hosts. He said, “Thank you very much. It is such a pleasure to be with you every morning. This is going to be the most fun I ever had, so thank you and happy 21st wedding anniversary.”

Congrats to Ryan Seacrest on the new gig! What do you think about the new addition to Live? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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Photo: Live with Kelly & Ryan

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