North West Is Still Jealous Of Brother Saint, Kim K Explains on Ellen Plus recounts Paris robbery

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29 Apr2017
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Kim Kardashian West stopped by Ellen showing off her sleek new haircut and talked about her family along with the infamous Paris incident, which the Keeping Up With The Kardashians personality recounted on the show.

Up first, Kim talked about her kids and how much they are like her and husband, rapper Kanye West. “He’s my twin. He’s literally my twin personality. He’s so, I don’t want to be like I’m so sweet, but he’s so sweet. And he’s just like such a good, good boy, like such a good person,” Kim K says of her newest little one, Saint West, to host Ellen DeGeneres. He’s so good that he lets his older sister North beat him up with no problem. “She’s just awful,” the reality star said further explaining how North is still jealous of her sibling. Kim also shared how she had to keep them both happy when breastfeeding and how North is a Kanye in the making.

Later a teary Kim K explained how getting robbed at gunpoint in Paris changed her and how she feels that was meant to happen to make her better as a person.

Watch Kim Kardashian West talk about her children and recounts the Paris robbery incident on Ellen in the clips below. Share your thoughts in the comments.

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Photo: Ellentube

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