Kylie Hughes Steams Up Spring With New Single “Heat”

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11 Apr2017
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Temperatures are rising and so is the buzz on the latest single from singer/songwriter Kylie Hughes. Her new song “Heat” comes from her forthcoming self-titled album, releasing May 26th, and made an exclusive debut on Myspace.

“I love muscle cars and I love movies like ‘Footloose,’ where the guy pulls up in the hot car and the girl jumps in and they drive off into the sunset making out…this song gives me that carefree/reckless feeling,” Hughes told Myspace about her single “Heat,” adding that the song really wrote itself giving her a sexy and fun vibe throughout that made her want to dance.

When listening to the song you get that exact feeling. The sun is shining and the warm wind is blowing no matter where you are. I couldn’t help but to tap my foot along to the beat and I could feel my body began to sway to the funky guitar riff. Kylie proves her vocals can range from a melancholy ballad to a pop song with country elements, yet still remain uniquely her.

Listen to Kylie Hughes new single “Heat” off her forthcoming self-titled album in the clip below. Share your thoughts in the comments.

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Photo: Soundcloud

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