Stephen Curry Sings Disney Songs With His New Life Coach James Corden

Photo: CBS via YouTube
04 Apr2017
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Golden State Warriors baller Stephen Curry is pretty much good at whatever he touches. On top of being a loving husband and devoted father, he’s a great person, excellent basketball player, and he has some pretty good singing chops. But all that didn’t stop The Late Late Show host James Corden from wanting to be his new life coach and improve Curry’s life some more.

In a clip from the late night talk show series, Corden picks up Curry from practice in Northern California as he attempts to make him great in every other aspect of his life aside from basketball. The two meet with a unique handshake before jumping into the car for tee time. They end up at miniature golf, which Curry dominates Corden in.

Corden attempts to redeem himself as a winner during air hockey and rock, paper, scissors, but Curry remains triumphant in all the games. Now, what’s a James Corden clip without Carpool Karaoke. Since Curry has two young daughters under four-years-old, he admits that all he listens to is a lot of Disney, especially the latest award-nominated animated film “Moana.” Let the Disney songs commence.

Watch Stephen Curry and James Corden bond over mini golf, arcade games, and Disney songs in the clip from The Late Late Show with James Corden below. Share your thoughts in the comments.

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Photo: CBS via YouTube

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