Lisa Loeb Sheds Light on The Muddy Puddles Project, Peppa Pig’s Favorite Charity, and Upcoming Café Carlyle Residency in NYC

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31 Mar2017
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Music icon, author and philanthropist Lisa Loeb is the perfect example of how to maintain staying power in an industry that is constantly evolving. In addition to her upcoming residency at Café Carlyle in New York City, and writing new material for the children’s series If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, Loeb is working with Peppa Pig’s chosen charity the Muddy Puddles Project (MPP), for pediatric cancer, which is celebrating National Jump in Muddy Puddles Day on April 1st.

The Muddy Puddles Project is a nonprofit organization that funds innovative childhood cancer research. It was founded by Cindy Campbell whose son Ty Campbell loved Peppa Pig and dreamed of jumping in Muddy Puddles – just like his favorite TV character – when his cancer was cured, but he never got the chance. Ty became the inspiration for the charity, which holds a series of “Mess Fest” events and “Welly Walk” fundraisers to bring more awareness to the cause in his memory.

Being a mother herself, Loeb shed light on the importance of the charity and why it was an honor for her to be asked to get involved with the cause. “The folks at the Muddy Puddles Project reached out to me, and it’s such a good match because one of the main messages of the Muddy Puddles Project is to remind people to enjoy their lives,” Loeb said. “It’s about jumping in muddy puddles which is such a great symbol for taking time out in your day to do something unexpected and fun, and maybe silly.”

Loeb’s fondness of Peppa Pig also made the charity a perfect fit. “I’m a huge fan of Peppa Pig, the animated show for kids. My kids watch it and I love watching it with them because it’s so funny and so clever,” she added.

Outside of raising awareness for a worthy cause, Lisa Loeb is coming to New York for a two-week residency at the iconic Café Carlyle this summer. Having been in the industry for 30 plus years, Loeb is planning something unique for her residency. “I’ve been trying to keep an eye in all of my shows that I play throughout the year for kids and grownups. What I say and what I play varies a lot from show to show,” she mentioned.

“Since it’s not the same show, I’m trying to get a sense of what works the best. In a cabaret space like the Carlyle, a place that’s so iconic and has such great history, I want to hone in my show.”

Loeb explains that Café Carlyle is a natural fit, because “It’s such a great, intimate space for what I do. [It] works perfectly. I like telling stories, playing requests, and getting a sense of the audience, and you can really do that when you’re playing at the Carlyle.”

For the residency coming up this summer, fans can expect less structure and more Lisa! “I think, especially when I play with a band or an orchestra, I get very tied to certain set lists or pace of show. I would do one song then talk, play three songs then talk,” the “Stay” singer explains. “If I’m playing my own show by myself there’s an avid flow, a silliness, and a deep part that doesn’t always come out when it’s a whole band playing together. It connects more. There’s more humor in it.”

And what’s a Lisa Loeb show without incorporating her platinum-selling number 1 hit song “Stay
(I Missed You),” which is not only a crowd favorite, but a song Lisa still loves performing – with new music of course. “The more albums I make for kids and grownups, and the more time that gets between “Stay” and now, I feel like people want to hear more of all of the music. My brand is broader, not just that one song. It has a sense of humor and youthful maturity.”

Lisa’s more recent work includes children’s albums called “Catch the Moon”, “Camp Lisa”, “Nursery
Rhyme Parade!”, and “Feel What U Feel.” Although she plans to create more music catered towards adults, the importance remaining in her own genre remains the same. “I think it’s really important to remain in your own lane, do your own thing and be true to yourself because there are so many people out there making music,” she told GGB.

“The only thing that makes you different from everyone else is being you,” Loeb continues. “I do think, however, that being aware of trends is not a bad thing. It’s hard to move forward when you’re just looking at the trends, but it’s always good to be aware. I think as an entertainer and a performer you want to know what’s cool, you want to know what’s happening. I think being in the know is the best, making music with intentions, and being able to capture the inspiration but then also have the craft and intention to use it the way you want.”

In the next couple of months fans can expect to see a visual for Lisa’s “Feel What U Feel” featuring Craig Robinson and very different videos for each track. “It’s really about creating things that I enjoy playing and it can be something very serious or sad, or it can be something silly and ridiculous. It can range.”

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Keep in mind all April long MPP is encouraging everyone to jump in a “muddy puddle,” alone or with their kids. Get social and post a video or photo of your puddle jumping adventures on social media and be sure to use the hashtag #PeppaMuddyPuddleChallenge to raise awareness.To learn more about the Muddy Puddles Project, head to

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