The Official ‘IT’ Teaser Trailer Is As Frightening As You’d Hoped

Photo: Warner Bros.
29 Mar2017
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Can we all collectively just say “Oh Hell Naw” in Maya Wilkes voice because the first official teaser trailer for the remake of “IT” is just as creepy and terrifying as you can imagine. Say goodbye to red balloons ever being a happy thought because Pennywise is back in a new age of terror to haunt the next generation.

The film is a remake of 1990 mini-series based on the Stephen King novel. Tim Curry stepped into the shocking clown suit of Pennywise in the mini-series that is now being taken over by Bill Skarsgård (Hemlock Grove), who replaced Will Poulter after he dropped from the role. Stranger Things Finn Wolfhard will also have a featured role in the film.

In “IT,” a monster that takes form as a disturbing clown called Pennywise terrorizes the children and teens of a small town of Derry, Maine. The first teaser trailer shows how Pennywise came to inhabit the lives of the main characters and the reach of his powers. I’m shook to say the least. Clowns are so not my thing. I still have recurring nightmares because of “Killer Klowns From Outer Space.” But I’m a G and plan to see this film, will you?

“IT” will haunt theaters September 8. Watch the teaser trailer for “IT” in the clip below if you dare. Share your thoughts in the comments.

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Photo: Warner Bros.

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