Jay Beale Brings New Wave Electronica On ‘359’ EP

Jay Beale
27 Mar2017
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Bristol bred artist Jay Beale is bringing a new wave of electronica to his writing, producing, and the music scene with his latest project 359.

The four track EP has the title track “359,” along with songs called “Catch,” “Under,” and “Sides” with features from Charlotte Lloyd Butler and Lily Lyons. Lyons said the project was “super fun” for her adding, “Jay’s tracks gives so much for a singer to work with and it is so far from my genre of music that it was great mixing my more old school, soft vocals with his DIY electronic feel. A real tribute to Jay’s ear that he made our musical styles blend so effortlessly.”

Beale, who usually seeks music inspiration in random songs and little things he hears, channeled the electronic genre for his new EP and opted for non traditional instruments to create his sound. On 359 fans can expect a range of that mixture and the artist showing off his vocals. The title track of the EP happens to be Jay’s favorite and has an interesting meaning. “The title comes from the first song. When I recorded the first demo of that track it was 3 minutes and 59 seconds long. The track ended up being 4 minutes and 2 seconds but I really liked 359 so just decided to keep it”

Jay Beale EP artwork by Matt Bramston

Jay Beale EP artwork by Matt Bramston

When creating 359, and music, in general Jay Beale likes to do two things at once. “I have to record whilst I write, if I have an idea I’ll get my laptop to record it and then usually make a demo that day. It’s cool as it means every song I write I have a demo to either develop or work from.”

With a new EP on his roster you might see Jay Beale on tour this year. “I’m still trying to work out how I’m going to go about playing my music live, I don’t DJ but a lot of the tracks would suit that kind of performance,” Jay said. “I want to do something a little different and as soon as I figure out how I can make the sound, I’ll be doing some shows for sure!”

Visit www.jaybeale.com to keep up on the latest and get information on how you can interact with Jay Beale on social media. Be sure to buy 359 available now on iTunes and listen on Spotify and Soundcloud.

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