MUA Autumn Starr Shares Spring Beauty Projections + Busts Makeup Misconceptions

Photo: Courtesy of Autumn Starr
22 Mar2017
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Ever since Autumn Starr was younger she had a love and desire for beauty. Using her resources, the self-taught makeup artist developed an artistry for dressing the faces of women she saw herself in. “I wanted to be there for girls who didn’t feel good about themselves because I was once there,” Starr said.

As seen on Dr. Oz, the Queens,NY native wants women to feel good about themselves before putting on makeup and even better after its applied; this is a key mantra to the Autumn Starr brand.  Along with being a beauty influencer, Starr has inspired her 120K+ social media followers with her health journey. The 20-year-old has lost over 50lbs and documented the process every step of the way.

Not only did I have the pleasure of getting a one on one makeup lesson with Autumn, but she granted Glambergirlblog an exclusive chat about all things beauty, her fitness journey and more! Check out the excerpts below.

Autumn Starr's Dr. Oz appearence/ Photo: Courtesy of Autumn Starr

Autumn Starr’s Dr. Oz appearence/ Photo: Courtesy of Autumn Starr

On Makeup Misconceptions: “You have to feel good before [applying makeup]. Makeup is just like wearing a nice outfit. You don’t need to wear a nice outfit, but you want to wear a nice outfit. If you’re looking at it to cover up something you’re not going to find what you need. Makeup is an enhancer, it brings out certain things. I don’t look at it as a negative.”

On Health Journey: “Changing what I eat [hardest part]. I love food and I love food that’s not good for me. I had to learn to feed my body good stuff, good protein, vitamins, it’s actually better for you. The likeness of having something just because you want it for the moment is not going to help you in the long run. That was something I had to adjust. Now that I’m in my journey, I’m about a year in, I’m so glad I realized that because I would have never survived. I would have just gone back to cheating, grabbing that burger which is so bad for me, or that cup of soda that has so many carbs when I could have had a full meal. That was the hardest part.”

Autumn Starr's fitness journey / Photo: Courtesy of Autumn Starr

Autumn Starr’s fitness journey / Photo: Courtesy of Autumn Starr

On Best Career Advice: “I have a mentor who told me the rule in life is to have one hand to give and one to receive. You can have anything you want as long as you give enough to others. I learned, even with going through social media, to be vulnerable and transparent because people want that, people want realness. They don’t just want to see the end result they want to see the journey. I think that was the best advice my mentor gave me. It’s not just about what I can get, but what I can give. That took me a really long way.”

On Spring Projections: “Everything peach! Peach is definitely on the rise especially with Kylie Jenner’s Peach Palette, Too Faced Peach Palette, peachy cheeks and eyes. I think that’s going to be the spring projection. Also metallic lids, wet lids, liquid lids. I don’t think highlighting and contouring is going to go away anytime soon, that’s going to stick with us, but a more colored highlight. Natural eyebrows are also coming back as a spring 2017 trend.”

On Top Makeup Tips: “Buy what you need, don’t overspend, and have multiple uses for one product.”

Keep up with Autumn Starr’s health journey, beauty brand, and more by following her on social media @_AutumnStarr.

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Photo: Courtesy of Autumn Starr

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  • Neffy Anderson • 8 months ago

    Great interview! Autumn is so inspiring. This piece really highlights what makes her such a role model for others. Great job ladies.

    • Amber Dover • 8 months ago

      Thanks Neffy!

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