5-Year-Old Geography Expert Trolls Trump And Breaks The Internet

Photo: EllenTube
18 Mar2017
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Get ready for cuteness overload! 5-Year-Old Geography Expert Nate Seltzer was a guest on The Ellen Show and not only won over the audience, and the internet, with his sweet banter and knowledge of geography, but with his effortless art of throwing shade at Donald Trump.

Nate sat down with Ellen DeGeneres to discuss his love of geography and showed off a map he drew of the world. He pointed out Antarctica, which included pictures of a penguin and an iceberg, and Russia. When DeGeneres asked what the little figure drawn on his map on Russia was Nate whispered, “It’s really funny” then said “Trump!” As the audience exploded with applause Nate coyly bowed.

Later Ellen showed Nate pictures of flags and countries shapes which he knew the answers to without hesitation. Before Nate left he was gifted with a special car designed with flags and globe tires, since he wants to design cars. It was all very cute and heart-warming.

Watch Nate Seltzer wow with his knowledge of geography in the clip from Ellen below. Share your thoughts in the comments.

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Photo: EllenTube

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  • Trandy • 11 months ago

    OMG!!! I want to know this little boy!! He’s so awesome !!!

    • Amber Dover • 11 months ago

      He’s the cutest and sweetest! I can’t!

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