Dave Chappelle Returns To Stand Up With Netflix Special

Photo: Netflix
02 Mar2017
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He’s back and it’s so necessary! Dave Chappelle is coming back to comedy on the streaming service Netflix with a two-part special airing later this month.

In the teaser for the specials Chappelle is shown in black and white smoking a cigarette with the camera spinning around him with multiple camera angles. He starts with voice over saying, “I know I’ve been gone for a very long time.” He continues to talk about Martin Luther King, OJ Simpson, and he mentions the Care Bears. I’m so ready for some new Chappelle material, let’s start the show.

Dave Chappelle’s two stand-up specials, from his personal comedy vault, streams on Tuesday, March 21 only on Netflix.

Watch the teaser for Dave Chappelle’s Netflix’s stand-up specials in the clip below. Share your thoughts in the comments.

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Photo: Netflix

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  • Janet • 9 months ago

    What a great news! Thank you for notifying us. I can’t believe he went from Martin Luther King to Care Bears! Though I’m late, I still can’t wait to watch this show at my convenient time.
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